SPA and Swimming pools

SPA and Swimming pools

The Nordic Baths Spa Experience at the Château d’Omiécourt

Nordic baths: the summit of wellness!

Treat yourself to a relaxing experience, thanks to alternating hot and cold baths.

A unique experience that you just have to try out! Wrap yourself in wellness…

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The Nordic bath principle basically means going from hot to cold. So you start by increasing your body temperature in the sauna or the steam bath for about 5 to 15 minutes (depending on how experienced you are). Once your body is really hot, you cool it down suddenly by bathing in an ice-cold pool or having a very cold shower. You must then have a 10-minute rest before starting a new hot-cold cycle.

In fact, for maximum relaxation, you have to go through the thermal cycle at least three times. The feeling afterwards is amazing!

Nordic bathing has lots of benefits.

Nordic bathing is widely acknowledged for its energizing, relaxing effects. It cleanses the body, improves the circulation, and favours the release of endorphins – the so-called “happy hormones”. More particularly, Nordic bathing helps to improve your physical status and quality of life.

To achieve the ultimate in well-being, complete your experience with a warm stone massage or some beauty treatments. Check out our body care list!

The spa also has a herbal tea lounge for relaxing after your body care experience.