The Château’s Spa Institute

The Château’s Spa Institute

Alexandra and Sandrine, trained by David Grand (a “France’s Best Hands” award winner) will be delighted to welcome you.

Our practitioners’ skills and knowledge enable them to personalize each session, so that you get a tailor-made experience that matches your needs and preferences.

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Our care sessions are presented and delivered in association with Yon-ka cosmetics..

  • The quintessence of Yon-ka:
    At the heart of Yon-Ka products and care: “Quintessence” and its essential oils with extraordinary powers – lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme – a delight for the nose – and an exclusive process that reinforces the effectiveness of natural plant compounds.
  • Yon-Ka quality:
    Formulated, manufactured and sold by a French family company, each product is a guarantee of authenticity and rigour.
  • Wellness and effectiveness:
    Our common goal is to ensure that each of our customers has a memorable experience: a voyage to the land of perfume, and a visible end result at any age.