Breathe - Unwind - Relax - Rediscover your senses...

Walk in the woods, take a break in the park, sit in the shade of a tree… These activities reconnect us to nature and reduce our stress.

Our guests can enjoy a 16-hectare, English-style and romantic park.

An alley makes it easy to discover this place or to coexist with the hundred-year-old trees and fruit trees planted and maintained by your hosts.

The park also has a unique arboreal heritage in the Picardy region: Blue Cedar, Lebanese cedar, purple beech…

We offer you a physical activity around the park, activities in connection with nature.

  • The forest bath: for a soothing effect on the mind and to decrease brain activity.
  • The Afghan march: For another vision of walking and the power of breathing.

And to go further, we offer walking and cycling itineraries.